How To Break Through Fear and Finally Reach Your Dreams

See that clown? Yeah, I wouldn’t have hired me to watch your kids either. I was twelve years old and had just finished my babysitting certification program. I was gonna take the neighborhood of Alderdale by storm and watch every kid in town.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be an entrepreneur. Something about running my own business has given me a sense of control over my own destiny.

But what I learned is that success often looks very different from what we expect. My babysitting business never took off… 

However, I did pick up clients from my lawn mowing business, cash washing business, and candy selling business. 

13 years later, that skinny little kid from Anaheim built a 7 figure business and landed a deal on Shark Tank.

How often do we start with so much hope only for it to slowly fade away? 

Dreams that were once in the dashboard of our lives, now relegated to the rearview mirror. 

Slowly, we start to live a life of “what if.” But there are valid reasons we say: I have responsibilities, I have kids, soccer practice, a tough job, etc.

Guess what? There are people who achieve their dreams every day with exactly the same circumstances. They pursue their goals regardless of the reasons put in front of them. 

Why do we do this? The answer is fear. 

Fear that we’ll follow our goals and fail. Fear that we’ll take the game winning 3-pointer at the buzzer and fail. Fear that others will say “I told you so.”

How To Break Through Fear

Here’s the thing, we all experience fear. A lot of times, we expect fear to disappear before we can take action towards our biggest dreams. However, there are ways to mitigate and use it to your advantage:

  1. Make it small – A lot of fear comes from making a challenge very large in our minds. The next time you experience that, break that challenge down into the smallest next step. I had a goal of meditating for 20 minutes a day. In the beginning, that goal seemed very difficult to achieve. Instead, I committed to 1 minute a day until that became easy. I was then able to incrementally grow until I reached my goal. That brings me to the next point.
  2. Get momentum – There’s something magical that happens when you build momentum towards something. Some times you just need a few small wins under your best to accomplish a big task. For example, I wanted to re-shape my body by going to the gym. Instead of committing to 12 weeks 5 days per week, I set a goal to go just twice. After I went twice, a gained momentum and was able to keep rockin’.
  3. Throw it up on paper – I have a daily journaling practice where I “throw up” all of my anxieties and insecurities on paper. I don’t filter or edit anything. I don’t plan to ever share this with anyone. This process is incredibly therapeutic and gives me a clear head to start the day.

What’s On The Other Side of Fear? 

  • What happens if we take the shot and make it? 
  • What would life be like then? 
  • What’s it costing you NOT to follow your dreams?

For me, starting a business was key, because it’s a vehicle. It’s a vehicle that allows me to create a life of my dreams. 

What do you really want in your life? 

Travel, connection, time with your family? If you build it right, a business can support and fuel this lifestyle.

The beautiful thing is that it’s never too late to start dreaming.  

  • Ray Kroc franchised McDonald’s at age 51
  • Martha Steward was 50 before starting Martha Stewart Living Magazine
  • Gordon Bowker founded Starbucks at age 52

These are just some of the reasons I’ve decided to create my coaching series for a limited time.

I’m excited to share all of these answers and more. You’ll be one of only 30 people who I will be personally coaching on how to go from zero to launch. 

Imagine, how would you feel being able to tick off items from your bucket list?

  • Do you want to travel more? 
  • Do you wish you had time for your kids or spouse?
  • Do you wish you could pay off your house?   

No goal is too big or lofty to get started today. Once inside, you’ll be shocked at what success really looks like in the lead-up and why.

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How to Start a New Business


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to start a new business so I’ve decided to create a course. I’ll be releasing it in a few weeks.

This course will teach folks how to take their idea and turn it into a business that generates revenue in just 6 weeks. It will include coaching calls, templates, videos and more. It’s going to be a complete brain dump of everything I know about starting a new business. I’ve started many of my companies with no money, just an idea. I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I do it.

HOWEVER, I need your help. Before I finalize the course and launch, I need to make sure I’ve covered everything.

This is where you come in. Please take a few minutes to answer this super short survey — there is really only one thing I want to ask you…

What are your top two questions about starting a new business that I absolutely NEED to answer in this course?

Much love,
Victor Macias

How To Build The Variety Habit

The need for variety and uncertainty is a basic human need. We all aspire to experience the novel and the new. Perhaps I have this need more than others.

This is a constant struggle. I believe that in order to succeed at a high level, you need grit, consistency, and habits. The greatest entrepreneurs have all succeeded because they were consistent in their actions.

However, I have an innate desire to travel and experience new things. In fact, I get my greatest breakthroughs and inspiration when I’m away from the day-to-day grind. Is it possible to have both? I recently had an ‘aha’ moment and wondered…what if I make the novel a routine?

You might be wondering if that’s possible. I decided to try an experiment.

I built the novel into my schedule. I set specific days in my calendar reserved for variety. These are scheduled just like appointments. Think of it as a cheat day for indulgence and spontaneity.

The break down is simple: 1 day per week, 1 week per quarter, 1 month per year.

Here’s my breakdown:

  • 1 Day Per Week: I work remotely every Wednesday. I choose a new city, a new coffee shop and 1 new fun activity to try.
  • 1 Week Per Quarter: I’ll take a week-long remote work week. The goal here is to get an AirBnB or stay with a relative and work remotely from a new city around new people.
  • 1 Month Per Year: Travel to a new destination like Japan, or Spain and work remotely from there.

The goal isn’t to break away from work. I love what I do. It’s about prioritizing what’s equally important to me: traveling, finding new adventures and finding quiet time.

Have you considered doing something like this in the past? How can you turn your passions and desired into habits?