What if you could stop wondering ‘what-if’ and FINALLY create the life you really wanted?

What if you could start your very own business DOING WHAT YOU LOVE even if you don’t have a lot of money or know where to start?

Hi, I’m Victor Macias, Co-founder of Nui Foods and where I share exactly how I’ve built a million dollar business, landed a deal on ABC’s Shark Tank and the habits/ hacks/ tools that have helped me get there.

3 years and $7,500 later it happened… 

I ran out of money and eFitness Solution was dead before it even started.

The worst part? 

A competitor launched a similar, more basic, version of my idea and was crushing it! Meanwhile, I was stuck in my room wasting time, worrying about colors and buttons. Nobody outside of my family even knew that my business existed!

How could this happen after so much time and money invested? 

Simple… I was afraid.

So I covered this up with excuses and more work. If I just had more time, it would work. If I just had more money, it would succeed.  If I just had more skills, then people would buy it.

eFitness failed,  not because I wasn’t smart enough or because the idea wasn’t good enough, but because I was suffering from Failure to Launch Syndrome… 

I was only playing the game of business, I wasn’t a real business owner. I was a wantrepreneur.

eFitnessSolution was going to change the fitness industry until it didn’t 🙁

Maybe you know the symptoms…

Do you know anyone like this?

Now a tougher question. When have you done this?

Come on. Don’t be shy. 

It’s easy to look at other people and judge. I’m guilty of this too! But let’s talk about you.

How many times have you let your own fears, doubts and excuses stop you from living the life you want? How many times have you taken jobs that you knew you were too good for? How many times have you settled in life? How many times have you let your dreams DIE?

Getting stopped by fear happens to ambitious people – These are people who are smart, who work hard, who have ambition… but for some reason just never really get to the next level.

Why do some people take action on their dreams while others just sit on the sidelines?


After eFitness Solution, I became obsessed with learning from my mistakes and discovering how to start a business that allowed me to live the life of my dreams. 

I wanted to understand the difference between those who were crushing it versus those who were just dreamers, those who were just wantrepreneurs.

I dove deeper, spent thousands of dollars on coaching, read books, and kept experimenting with new business concepts.

I discovered the difference between people who say they want to launch businesses and those who actually did it successfully.

The ones who failed, spend their time on the wrong things. They worry about logos, graphics, business plans and LLCs. They waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars creating the perfect product only to find out that nobody wanted what they were selling.

So what did successful entrepreneurs do differently?


The most successful entrepreneurs I know always test early. Even Apple tests new products in small markets before expanding to all of their stores.

Most people miss the fact that successful businesses evolve over time. The faster you launch, the faster you collect feedback and can adapt.

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’re too late.”

Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn)

I saw this for myself when I co-founded Nui Foods, a healthy snack food company  that quickly grew to over 7 figures. We went through dozens of formula changes, re-packaging decisions, and knew that if we waited for perfection, we’d still be in mom’s kitchen dreaming of launch day.

The truth is….

The perfect time will never come. It’s much like having kids or getting married, you’re never truly ready. You just make the commitment and “show up.”

That’s the same principle we used when we landed a deal on ABC’s Shark Tank. We were excited, but never truly felt ready. Instead, we went to an open casting call with 1000 plus people in line. We committed that we would do whatever was in our control to succeed and we “showed up.”

The pitch of our lives on ABC’s Shark Tank.

We did not succeed because the time was right, we succeeded because we learned:

The thing is, business is not about logos or branding or even the product. It’s about creating  something people want and are willing to pay money for.

Those principles would be the foundation for my next project. My goal — to create a business to fuel the things I love. I’m passionate about creativity, travel, creating unity in the world. My next e-commerce project would be Niarani, which means “to arrive” in the indigenous Purepecha language. The mission — to create empathy in the world by sharing the stories of the artisans behind the art.

Would it work?


I still remember the cool breeze hitting my face as I walked off the plane. In the background, rolling green hills where thousands of years ago, the Zapotecs built temples in Monte Alban.

It was still a few hours before check-in and I wanted to get a head start on the day. “Where can I find bags like these?” I showed the girl at the front desk my phone and she replied, “Oh yes, you’ll find those next to The Mercado.” She hands me a map and off I go.

As I walked out of the hotel, I paused and thought “Wow. I’m finally here.” For years, Oaxaca had been on my bucket list. A city where colonial buildings, cobblestoned streets, pre-Columbian ruins, and Baroque churches can be found in every corner.

I followed the map and stopped at The Mercado. On my left, fresh-baked sweet bread. On my right, women hand-making Tlayudas, a thin crispy tortilla made on a wood grill topped with meat, beans, cheese, and vegetables. 

I grabbed a seat and said, “It’s my first time here, what do you recommend?” “El Chocolate” Ok. I’m in. I then proceeded to sip on the best hot chocolate of my life. Velvety smooth with a hint of Cocoa and Cinnamon.

Outside, the streets were lined with tents. Artisans from all across the city were proudly displaying their crafts. In one tent, brightly colored bags handmade on a waist loom.  In the next, rows and rows of beaded Huichol earrings. In the next tent, traditional Oaxacan dresses hand-stitched with colorful fabrics. 

I was definitely in the right place.

I was here to connect with artisans and test new items for Niarani, my new eCommerce business. I learned about their stories, why they started and what the art meant to them. It was phase one of my mission to create empathy in the world by sharing the stories of the people who make the art. I grabbed a few samples for my store, collected phone numbers and off I went.

Next, It was time to explore the city. I headed out without a map and started wandering (my favorite thing to do). I made a right turn to el Zocalo, grabbed a coffee and started journaling. I did not want to let this moment pass.

All of a sudden a 15 piece band starts playing in the streets. A crowd of 50 people gathered to sing, dance and drink mezcal while celebrating two newlyweds. I said, screw it and joined in. I followed the parade trying my best to take it all in. “Could this really be happening?” 

I finished off the night sipping sweet mezcal on a rooftop bar overlooking the city.

I guess that’s what Mondays are like in Oaxaca.

That trip to Oaxaca changed my life. Not only because of the people I met but because it proved what’s possible. The right business can be a tool to unlock your dreams. Since being an entrepreneur, I’ve had friends and family ask me for advice on starting a business. It’s one of the most fulfilling things I do. That’s why I’ve decided to share what I’ve learned and guide you through the whole process.



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What do successful entrepreneurs do differently? They take a different approach to their businesses. They flip the script upside down and do things differently.


We’re going to cover a lot in your NEW BUSINESS Coaching Series and I want to make sure you not only get all of the tips and tools, but I want to make sure you crush it. That’s why I will give you a full 60 days to implement and integrate this into your life to make sure it’s really working for you.

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What happens after I sign up?

After you sign up, you’ll receive an email acknowledging that you’re subscribed to the coaching series. A few days before the first call, you’ll get an email with a secret link where you can access your first video call.

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What if it doesn’t work for my schedule?

These coaching series is designed for busy people. After each class, you’ll get an email with a link where you and 29 other student can join the video call. You can watch and listen at a time that’s convenient for you.

How long are the phone calls?

Each call is approximately 1 hour. We’ll start off with the course material and will wrap up with a Q&A.


I want to make sure I crush it for each and every one of you. That’s why I’m limiting it to just 30 students and offering this super low introductory price. This price will not happen again. Make sure you get in before it’s sold out.

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